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About Educ8

Welcome to Educ8

Our approach

At Educ8 we recognise that maintaining young people in education is of vital importance. Our schools are all registered as independent educational facilities with Ofsted and ESTYN providing full time education for people aged 8-18 years. We place a strong emphasis on vocational courses and broadly follow the National Curriculum leading up to GCSE and Functional Skills accreditation.

Our unique approach seeks to ensure children feel safe, secure, not-judged, accepted and understood. We offer a variety of educational packages to small groups of students who are residents of Your Chapter homes as well as to an increasing cohort of Day Students. Our aim is for our students to build up self-esteem and attain nationally recognised qualifications which will provide a pathway to apprenticeships and adult employment and integration into community life.

We are able to transform the lives of young people, encouraging positive relationships with a high emphasis on life enriching opportunities and activities, and developing strategies to help them to navigate their way through life situations.

Our Vision

Making a lasting difference

Our vision is to help children and young people to develop their social, independence and education skills so they can fulfil their aspirations and potential. Our therapeutic schools offer a range of bespoke, high-quality educational care for young people within a safe and homely environment, supporting individuals in leading active and independent lives.

Our seamless approach to education means that therapists and teachers 'work as one' to support pupils' social, emotional, behavioural and educational development. Our therapeutic approach is at the heart of everything we do, understanding that if pupils feel emotionally and mentally well, they are able to play and learn with interest and enthusiasm.

Educa8 Therapeutic Schools
Educat8 Therapeutic Schools.jpg

Bespoke Education for Young People

High quality DfE/Estyn registered schools

Maintaining young people in education is of vital importance. Our DfE registered schools are regulated by Ofsted and Estyn provide full time education to small groups of students. Pupils follow a therapeutic curriculum and are entered for national accreditations such as GCSE, functional skills, entry level certification, ASDAN, NCFE and Arts Award.

Our cohort of pupils usually share a background of being failed by mainstream provisions and are presented with a bespoke and made to measure approach to education that focuses on both enjoyment and achievement. This is parred with robust relationships with numerous providers who enable us to obtain a variety of qualification, as well as operational links with local authorities and colleges.

Unique Therapeutic Education

Dedication, warmth and pursuit of excellence

We use therapeutic approaches to understand a young person’s behaviour, rather than just describe it, recognising the possible impact of learning differences associated with challenging behaviour, and how these uniquely impact on the young person. We aim to improve children’s experience and quality of life through use of pro-active educational approaches to support a feeling of wellbeing and to reduce the risk of an incident occurring.

We have huge aspirations for the children who learn with us at Educ8, where we provide high quality education that enables young people to develop the skills they need to live independently and contribute positively to their local community.

Educ8 Specialist Schools
Educate Therapeutic Specialist Schools

Improving Children’s Experiences

Therapeutic approaches to understand a young person’s behaviour

The support afforded to young people who learn with Educ8 is delivered by leading educational and clinical professionals who work together to meet the holistic needs of children. Young people benefit from a highly stimulating and well organised therapeutic curriculum which is a main driver behind their learning success.

Our team are passionate about their work and determined to ensure that children realise their full potential with pathways that tackle the difficult transitional journeys from childhood to adulthood.

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