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Day Schools

Our theapeutic approach to education shapes our students’ lives

Our day schools offer a specialist curriculum that is ambitious and effective. It focuses sharply on developing pupils socially, emotionally and academically. As well as getting the therapy they need, our qualified and experienced team of experts teach pupils a broad, rich range of subjects.

We believe that success in the classroom depends on great relationships between staff and pupils. Many of our pupils have had negative experiences of school, that's why our day school teachers invest their time getting to know and understand each young person, so we can engage them in education and make learning fun.

We pride ourselves on offering a safe and secure environment at our day schools where our children can be themselves without fear or judgement. We make a point of building close relationships with each child’s family or carer and other agencies who are involved in their life, so we provide the very best, personalised support.

To refer a pupil to our day schools, please email

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