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Jefferson House School Achieves Outstanding in the recent Ofsted Inspection!

Updated: Apr 16

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We are thrilled to announce that following a recent inspection by Ofsted, Jefferson House School has been awarded an OUTSTANDING rating in all areas. This recognition is a testament to the school's dedication to providing a high-quality education that meets the unique needs of each student, ensuring their academic success.


The unwavering dedication and the ongoing commitment of the team to embodying the core culture and values of Educ8 has not gone unnoticed. The education team have cultivated a nurturing and inclusive atmosphere where every student, regardless of the background, is given the chance to thrive and reach the highest potential.


Ofsted recognised that one of the key strengths of Jefferson House School is the strong relationships between students and staff, creating a positive and supportive atmosphere throughout the school. Staff members set ambitious goals for every student and provide exceptional care to support them in reaching their full potential. New students are warmly welcomed into the school community and receive comprehensive support to help them settle in and build self-confidence. Through a dedicated well-being program and positive reinforcement, students are encouraged to take ownership of their actions and celebrate their growth since joining the school.


At Jefferson House School, students are offered a wide range of enriching experiences tailored to their interests and talents. Educational visits and activities organised by the school help students deepen their understanding of their studies and develop leadership skills. Involvement in community service projects and charity events also instils values of compassion and social responsibility.


The leadership and management at Jefferson House School are commended for their meticulous oversight and commitment to providing the best possible educational experience for students. A comprehensive training program for staff ensures they are well-equipped to carry out their duties effectively, with regular support meetings contributing to their overall well-being. Staff members express great pride in being part of the Jefferson House School community.


Virginia Perkins, the Proprietor of the School said ‘this is a very proud moment for Educ8, which is marked by the ongoing commitment, dedication and persistence clearly demonstrated in the delivery of an outstanding curriculum.  Jefferson House School is the first of many exceptional judgements we strive to achieve across our portfolio of schools, an ambition shared by our exceptional education team.’ 

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